World Autism Awareness Week kicks off this Saturday and to mark the occasion we are launching a unique new week-long campaign: "How We See the World"

Every day we will be looking at how people with autism navigate everyday situations from their own unique perspective.


With an aim to raise awareness of autism as well as letting people across the North-east know about the amazing work NEAS does in this area, the campaign will discuss how autism impacts, sleep, diet, forming relationships, the senses, communication, emotional wellbeing and how information is processed.

Told through the voices of experts, carers, families and people with autism themselves the campaign will both inform and inspire. We want autism to be talked about, to be understood and to be embraced in our communities.

To do this with integrity, we’ve chosen to include true accounts from parents and children affected by autism. Terminology, feelings and phrasing is chosen by the people who live with autism every day. It’s their voice.

Every day from Saturday, visit our website or keep checking back onto our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest articles, videos and interviews. Please share on your own pages, send them to friends and let’s go public with autism – a condition affecting one in every one hundred people

To start off the campaign we are taking to the countryside for our annual Walk for Autism

Joined by hundreds of families, service users and supporters of the North East Autism Society we’ll be doing a mile-walk around Herrington Country Park in Sunderland.

Join us on Friday and for the rest of next week. We’ve given autism a voice. Those with autism need not stand alone. We’re with them. So let’s make sure everyone knows ‘How We See the World!’