And after all of that – Christmas is over! Well, not entirely. We are still in that weird limbo between festivities ending and real-life recommencing.

And this ‘gap’ is known to be a particularly difficult time to navigate for many people. Whether it’s the lack of normality with no obvious reason for it; the days merging together or the fact everyone is living off left overs… it’s an odd time to say the least.


But fear not – we’ve got you covered.


Our team have been researching the best mindfulness apps designed to help restore calm, take your mind off the chaos and set you up for a happy, healthy 2020.


Here’s our top picks :


The Miracle Modus (for Android)

An app that uses patterns of lights, colours and sounds to help find calm when overwhelmed. It is specifically aimed at individuals who often feel sensory overload, by helping to calm their senses with less frantic lights, colours and sounds.


Calm (Apple and Android)

Calm is a meditation app which champions itself as ‘the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation’. The app provides guided meditation lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced users, with a variety of lengths, so that meditation sessions are easy for the user to fit into their schedule. It provides the tools to calm thought patters and helps induce a peaceful night’s sleep. Additional app features include video lessons on mindful movement, calming visual and audio scenes and sounds and music to help individuals sleep and relax.


Relax Melodies (Apple and Android)

An app designed to help people get a good night’s sleep, by learning sleep meditation, planning a bedtime routine and allowing users to mix countless soundscapes, to help calm and sooth their senses and thought patterns.


Headspace (Apple)

Known for its stress relieving qualities and guided meditation – this is a top-selling app that comes highly recommended.


MoodPanda (Apple and Android)

A mood tracking app designed to help users monitor emotions over time, allowing them to see patterns in their mood, as well as to track life event that may be triggering certain bouts of anxiety. The app also comes with access to an online community, which aims to support app users with the issues they are facing.


Sensory Apphouse

A website that offers a selection of apps for sensory stimulation and relaxations. Apps included are ‘Touch Lightning’, ‘Amba Flow & Pulse’, ‘Magma – Lava Lamp’ and ‘Plasma-Calming Bubbles’. The website is great for those who are seeking a specific type of sensory stimulation, as users can choose apps that suit their sensory needs. Perfect for those who often feel overstimulated in the holiday season, and who want to take back control of the sensory stimulation they are receiving to help themselves to relax and unwind.