We wouldn’t be able to do justice to our My Kind of Christmas campaign without talking about one very important aspect of the work we do as the North East Autism Society, and that’s our care services.


Since our inception almost 40 years ago, the services we deliver have been entirely personal. Which means, even in a residential care setting, we tailor what we do and how we do it to make sure our children, young people or adults thrive.


One story typifies what makes us different from other organisations.

It’s the story of Bobby.

Having been in foster care placements that had repeatedly broken down, 12 year-old Bobby was facing a Christmas with no home.


A referral came in to the North East Autism Society and our personal approach kicked in.

The home where he could be placed was scheduled to be closed over the holidays, with other residents visiting family.

But staff gave up their time and came to work anyway.


Bobby – and his needs, wants, hopes and dreams became central.

It became a very NEAS Christmas…