Selection boxes are handed out at school, there’s chocolate behind advent calendar doors every morning, and we even hang edible baubles on the tree – and we wonder why we’re all a little bit hyped up this time of year!

Far from taking away the season’s guiltiest of pleasures, we wanted to equip our families with a recipe for something delicious – that isn’t crammed full of refined sugars and bad fats.

So for Day 17, we have partnered with Aaron Craig, Head Chef of five-star Rockliffe Hall Hotel, to bring you another ‘how to’ video – this time an easy step-by-step guide to making flour and sugar-free chocolate brownies.

Hopefully as you master this simple recipe you can even institute a new family tradition of making these on the run of the Christmas.

Wrapped in cellophane they would also make a great end-of-term gift for teachers!

Choosing treats carefully, or limiting sugar isn’t going to magically resolve challenges faced at this time of year. However, alongside other steps (like planning each day’s activities, limiting family visits, allowing ‘time-out’ from the hustle and bustle) it can help reduce some of the added stresses.

We want to say a big 'Thank you and Merry Christmas' to Aaron and Rockliffe Hall for giving their time and expertise to bring us these scrumptious treats!

Click here to download the recipe!