IT was from a place of wanting to understand one another better that we launched our My Kind of Christmas campaign.

With understanding comes kindness, and with kindness our hope was that judgement and expectation would lessen.

So its apt to tackle some of the expectations that come hand-in-hand with Christmas.

One such ‘given’ is that families should spend time together over the festive period.

For most of us, this will likely mean our immediate family, plus some other visitors, all crammed into a medium-sized room that’s already crammed full of cards, a Christmas tree, presents and who knows what else!

Doing that once may be okay, but trying to recreate a Hallmark Christmas movie every single day of the holidays will invariably lead to the time together being less joyful and more tearful.

So for Day 16 we’re giving you the perfect tool to take time out...

Like the fancy door hangers seen in hotels, hung on handles to tell the maid to come back later, we have created two downloads for you to print off and cut out, for use at home.

Whether you are a child or a grown up in desperate need of decompression time, these will work for you.

You can choose from our little bear who’s had the stuffing knocked out of him, or our sleepy owl longing for quiet.

The idea is that you can gently remind those around you that it’s all getting a bit much.

Click here to download