If the My Kind of Christmas campaign was a game of Family Fortunes, when we asked what constitutes your kind of Christmas, the top answer would be relaxing and enjoying Christmas TV.

Now whether watching TV is enjoyed on your own, or with friends and family, for every person who loves the scores of movies on all day, every day, there was another who found the changes to normal TV schedules frustrating.

We even had feedback from one person that their usual routine was so disrupted, before they had digital TV with the ability to record, they would buy their favourite shows on DVD to ensure they could maintain some level of normality.

To help with this today we have created a free slimmed-down TV guide for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Jam-packed commercial TV guides can be difficult to read and process for some neurodivergent people. It’s the equivalent to reading a spread sheet – but with holly on it! The words are also often really close together, and in multiple sizes of fonts, to fit in dozens of listings.

While this covers all bases, we also know that too much choice can be distressing for autistic and neurodivergent people as well.

So we have created a three-day guide with some ideas for family movies, great TV shows and changes to news and soap-opera schedules.

It’s not exhaustive but hopefully will help plan ahead for changes to regular schedules and help bring a bit of festive calm for those pyjama and duvet days over the Christmas break.



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