Two of our current Trustees talk about their motivation for taking on the role, what they get out of it, and why it is such an exciting time to join the North East Autism Society.

JOHN HODGSON, whose son Connor is autistic, says: “Being a parent of a young autistic man myself, I recognise the importance of having the right people deliver the right levels of service to our family members.

“To be able to deliver these services to the high levels that NEAS does, it is critical that the Society management teams and staff are supported, challenged and encouraged, in equal measure, by a strong Board of Trustees who ensure that all necessary checks and balances are in place.

The biggest benefit is that you get the opportunity to have a real positive impact on the lives of our autistic community/family.

“Times are interesting just now. There are exciting plans already under way in our services that will see us provide types and levels of service that no other provider does in the North East of the country.

“This is a great chance to join as a Trustee at such an exciting time and be influential in the shaping of the Society’s future direction of travel.”

DR RAKESH CHOPRA, OBE, says: “As a father of a young man with autism I have been able to see the difference the Society, its teachers and care staff have made to his achievements and life experiences.

“When I became a Trustee, not only did I want to give something back to the Society that helped my son, but also to aid the Society in expanding so that other children and young people can maximise their life potential and have the care and support they need.

“The Covid pandemic has shown how important education and care are for the fabric of society. It is an interesting time to be a Trustee as we need to translate this recognition of education and care into further strengthening and expanding services as more individuals are being diagnosed with neurodiversity issues.

New Trustees will be able to influence and contribute to this agenda and the exciting future developments of the Society.

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