An Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) is a legal document which sets out a description of your child's needs (what he or she can and cannot do) and what needs to be done to meet those needs by education, health and social care. 

Regarding Special Educational Needs & Disability, Code of Practice:

  • Young people can now specify an Independent Specialist Provider on their Education Health Care (EHC) Plan.
  • Post-16 providers can be invited to a young person’s review from Year 9 onwards. 
  • Parents and young people do not need to apply for and be rejected from a General Further Education college (GFE) before requesting a specialist provider. 
  • Personal budgets can be included within EHC Plans.
  • Personal budgets can be used to purchase our short-breaks services.
  • Children and Young People must be the centre of their own EHC Plan.
  • You can download education local offers.