North East Autism Society is the leading voice concerning autism and neurodiversity in the North of England. As such we are passionate advocates for the skills, talents and abilities of people with autism and the need to see those with an Autism Spectrum Condition supported into work and supported in the workplace.

Unemployment rates for adults with autism is double the rate of the national average; at times even as high as 50-75%. Around
a quarter of university graduates with Autism are known to be unemployed or in unskilled, low-waged jobs. 

It’s for this reason that we are launching Employment Futures; to support the significant number of adults on the autism spectrum who are unemployed, under employed or who struggle to sustain their employment. We believe the future should be nothing less than bright for adults with autism who have career ambition and so we are excited to present phase one of Employment Futures.

Employment Futures

What is Employment Futures?

Employment Futures has been designed to support both the individual with autism, and also the employer. Not only a package of support services, Employment Futures is also the positive assertion we hope to achieve from all adults, on the autism spectrum, who want to succeed in the workplace.

Specifically for people already in work, Employment Futures comprises three elements:

  • Coaching
  • Assessment
  • NE-AS Training

Utilising the government’s Access to Work scheme, an individual already in employment can access funding for Employment Futures services.

Once funding is approved we can provide:

  • Coaching for the individual, in the workplace.
  • An assessment of the workplace, suggesting reasonable adjustments and practical guidance to support both the individual and also their employer. 
  • Specialist training from our autism experts.*

*Training may be delivered as part of Access to Work, so staff teams are equipped to support co-workers and colleagues with a hidden impairment such as autism, or can be requested as a training module for any business seeking to understand autism to support its workforce and / or customer base. Companies with customer facing staff would especially benefit from our Autism Awareness Training packages.

If you would like more information about Employment Futures please contact:

Derek Groves, Employment Services Manager on 0191 410 9974 or email [email protected]