On the fourth day of Christmas your giving could help families like Victoria’s stay together.


It sounds dramatic to suggest that without outside help some families could really suffer, but we hear stories every day of parents reaching breaking point through lack of support.


Our bespoke children’s short breaks centre, and our luxury woodland lodges for adults, were designed with this in mind.


Mum, Victoria, said:

Our daughter started using the North East Autism Society’s short breaks at just the right time. It hasn’t just helped my husband and I, but there’s been a real change in our daughter too. She sees her overnight stays as her ‘hotel’ and looks forward to seeing her friends.


Through short breaks we are able to give families much needed breathing space and at the same time we’re able to spend quality time with children, young people and adults developing life and social skills.


Your generosity this Christmas is an investment into all of the families using these services and allows us to keep developing the ways in which we can serve families from across the region.


Make sure to come back for day four of our Christmas campaign!