Creating a ‘home from home’ environment for autistic children and those with learning difficulties.

Caring for and empowering autistic children and young people to lead happy, healthy, fulfilled lives is what we’re most passionate about.  

Our 24-hour bespoke support services are designed with this in mind, and specifically tailor everything to the needs of each person entrusted into our care.

We understand that having a child move into a care facility can be an anxious and stressful time, which is why we work hard to make sure the transition process is smooth and involves the whole family, every step of the way.

Our spacious homes are all rated Outstanding by Ofsted and our staff are highly-specialised. This means that if residential care is what’s believed to be the best option - there’s no better place for your son and daughter to be, as they grow, learn skills for independence and develop meaningful friendships.

All our homes have been carefully designed and furnished to create an autism-friendly environment, which is comfortable and welcoming for the children and young people in our care.

Our driving aim is to provide a exemplary service which offers the following:

  • in-depth assessment and care planning process
  • full involvement of the children and their families with regular surveys and feedback
  • a flexible, person-centred service 
  • 24-hour programme of support designed to meet each persons aspirations
  • a well trained, motivated and consistent staff team offering practical and emotional support
  • a well-structured and supportive environment

All of our staff have been subject to a rigorous safer recruitment procedure with safety checks being performed via enhanced DBS service. All staff are fully trained in safeguarding children and work to ensure that the highest standard of care is provided at all times. The training our staff receive is tailored to the needs of the children in the home but mandatory training is extensive and covers areas including:

  • emergency first aid
  • health & safety, medication
  • fire safety
  • driver’s training
  • Positive Proactive Support 
  • safeguarding

What our parents say…

Although it was something we never wanted to do… it came with some relief when a placement was found with NEAS and our daughter moved into Cedar House. She soon settled and made progress almost immediately. The excellent care and dedication of the staff is amazing has continued to this day. We’ve seen enormous improvements - we couldn’t have wished for a better outcome for us all.

"It’s had a hugely positive impact on us as a family. We have total peace of mind knowing she is getting the best care with some of the most caring and devoted staff we could have wished for.”

What Oftsed inspectors say…

  • educational outcomes are exemplary
  • staff teams work effectively and with compassion
  • excellent communication between schools, social workers, health professionals and families
  • homes have lovely warm environments
  • organisational skills are unbelievable
  • the very highest standard of care
  • living there enhances self-esteem and confidence
  • the faith and cultural needs were met to a high standard
  • transition arrangements are excellent
  • exceptional individualised care

What social workers say…

It has been excellent as a social worker to see this child develop such positive and trusting relationships with his key workers. He has made significant progress in his behavioural and emotional development; reading previous reports it’s as though a different young man is being described! He has developed independent living skills, engaged in education and is so much more confident. I can’t praise the staff enough for the clear commitment they have to this young man.

Each of our homes has a Statement of Purpose:

Breamar Gardens Statement of Purpose Wallingford Statement of Purpose  Cedar House Statement of Purpose  Belford Statement of Purpose

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Marjorie Clifford

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