Our flexible outreach service helps people on the autism spectrum to access opportunities and activities outside their home. 
We aim to work alongside individuals who either live in their own homes or with family, to develop functional strategies to increase their daily living skills, reduce their vulnerability within the community and reduce dependency on formal support.

  • Our Outreach Services offers a wide range of social and leisure activities to children with autism aged between 2-18 years. 
  • This is a dynamic and responsive provision that is ready to offer services to families who are in need or in crisis. 
  • This service is offered 7 days a week throughout the region.
  • We are creative in how these services are tailored to meet the individual needs of children and work closely with communities in accessing services and facilities in the child’s local area.
  • This service is designed alongside our clubs to supplement the child’s education and support the child in transferring their skills learned in school in a more generalised way within the community.

This service is adaptable and flexible to the changing needs of children with autism and can be offered within the child’s own home or out and about in the community as learning can take place anywhere and everywhere. Activities range from; bowling, swimming, country walks, snowing tubing to visiting the cinema. All the activities encourage independence and socialising with others.

Children learn how to prepare for such activities by, e.g. how to plan, sequence, predict and problem solve. Skilled autism practitioners support the child using a range of augmentative communication aids such as the picture exchange communication system (PECS) to support the child in understanding and also in expressing themselves throughout activities.

We work very closely with a multi disciplinary team of professionals in order to ensure that the child at the centre is receiving the support required to meet their current and aspirational needs.

We also offer out of school clubs which give children, young people and adults the opportunity to meet other people on the autism spectrum and develop social skills.

For more information on what is available in your area please contact:
Emmalyne Rumney on 0191 410 9974 or email