Poem contributed by Keith Stubbs
Assistant Manager, NEAS Children's Residential Services

I see colours when I hear noise. I don't know the difference between girls and boys.

I hate light and can't tie a lace. I can see your eyes but you have no face.

I can't use a toilet but know what it's for. I love the splash of wee on the floor.

I hate red but love the colour blue. I love Thomas the Tank, but hate Winnie the Pooh.

My room is sparse, I hate too much stuff. A picture on the wall is more than enough.

I hear what you say but cannot reply, I avoid eye contact and stare at the sky.

I ain't aloof or ignoring you, my senses are mixed and my mind can be too.

My brains wired differently, it's not like yours. Have you guessed yet... I'm autistic of course.

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