Poem contributed by brothers Ben and Tommy Nicholson

Autism is a small word for the meaning of it all. It's huge and so much, to each bit I call.

Autism can mean life can be a struggle. It means at times your brain gets in a muddle.

Autism means you may see through fog. May be down, sad, confused, feel alone like you’re in a bog.

Autism can mean you can't focus on anything but one thing, so your head does cartwheels, confuses you and may upset you. You really can’t win.

Autism means not seeing the bigger picture, not meaning to upset or hurt others ... not your friends, family or brothers.

Autism means life can be hard to function and be. But to me it means one thing, that my step dad Greg is a super hero is he.

Autism nil, Greg one mill.

He has a big kind heart with extra amazing powers. Thank goodness he is great and not crazy like flowers.

Autism is my step dad Greg’s super power to me. He is my hero I want you to see.

Autism means so many different things but to me it means you’re unique, no different from us all.

We are all unique which is why we all rise and fall.

Autism means it's a part of Greg and he treats us like we are his own, something we never had.

For this Greg I'm so lucky to call you my hero, my step dad.

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