North East Autism Society are proud to be founding members of the Autism Alliance UK, the main UK network of specialist autism charities, committed to improving the lives of people with autism and increasing their skills and independence.

The charity was founded some 20 years ago and has regular meetings to allow staff of autism service providers to exchance ideas and share good practice. The Alliance currently has 18 member charities from across the UK.

We encourage businesses and venues to sign up to the Autism Charter, a framework for making venues autism friendly, written in collaboration with people with autism. The Charter means being ready to make minor adjustments to the workplace or attraction so that people with autism and their families feel welcome. Different venues will have different approaches and this is where advice and support from the Alliance charities, such as the North East Autism Society, comes in.

Autism Connect

By signing up to the Autism Charter, an organisation also becomes part of Autism Connect, the UK's first free social network for people with autism and their families. The site includes the option for users to rate services and venues, utilising the power of social media to identify and recommend autism friendly venues.

The main short term goal is an improvement in the knowledge and understanding of front line staff. Longer term aims for some types of venue may include modifications to premises over time, for example in lighting and noise levels.

The scheme is aspirational - participating venues are aiming to be autism friendly and to commit to the Autism Charter.

If you think your workplace could benefit from singing the Charter or you would like more information, please contact our Head Office on 0191 410 9974 or click here to go to the Autism Alliance UK website.