Family Development

Made possible from a wealth of experience gathered over four decades serving the North-east we’ve created a Family Resources website just for you.

Brought together by our Family Development team, members of our Neurodiversity think tank and from families sending us their tips and advice we’ve put together a bank of free resources to help you, as part of our valued community, to navigate the day-to-day challenges of life.

Our Minecraft project involved two groups of young autistic people coming together to use Minecraft as a tool to build therapeutic worlds. 

The project was coordinated by Kerrie Highcock, North East Autism Society's Family Development Manager, and Minecraft expert, Adam Clarke. 

Project aims:

  • To provide a safe space for young people to connect with other autistic people
  • Provide an outlet for young people to share their personal experiences
  • Help overcome social isolation from national lockdowns
  • Develop self-confidence and self esteem 
This project was part of NEAS' wider Autism Activists model. 
Kerrie said: 
"This project was incredibly successful and feedback from young people and families has been so positive.
"Being new to the world of Minecraft this project allowed me to explore how it could be used as a tool for autistic young people.I am keen to see how we can extend this offer. 
Minecraft provides a place free from social constraints and normative societal standards. The young people can explore and connect in a way that feels much less threatening. There is the possibility to develop so many new skills through this platform such as problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration.