Our new apple orchards are due to be planted at New Warlands Farm in March 2019. 

The orchards investigate our regions apple growing past, and help bring it to life for future generations. They invest in the regions natural heritage, focusing on the loss of local orchards, associated skills and habitat for wildlife. Traditional orchards are an increasingly rare feature of the landscape; leaving local fruit and the wildlife they support at risk. The orchards help protect old, rare and locally significant fruit varieties that are currently at threat of extinction.

The orchards also act as a resource for learning traditional skills, for both the public and individuals within our services. The project helps break barriers and provides accessible opportunities to engage with heritage. 



We have grafted over 200 trees so far, including many dating back to pre 1820 , passed down through generations, in some instances over centuries. These old varieties are important reminders of our history, culture and diversity. The beauty of an orchard in blossom will help individuals engage with the countryside around them therapeutically, with activities in nature benefiting learning, health and well-being.

Our apple orchards are also great for the environment; helping remove carbon from the atmosphere, stabilise soil carbon, reduce our green house gas emissions and increase biodiversity. 

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