The North East Autism Society is a great place to work - but don't just take our word for it! Hear from staff about what it's like to work in our day services. 

Jobs as a hairdresser, seamstress, teaching assistant and call centre worker… Angela Crosby had done them all in the 22 years since she left school. But one thing Angela hadn’t considered was working with autistic individuals until she got made redundant in 2010 and applied for a job as Programme Support Assistant at the North East Autism Society. Read Angela's story.

When James Paterson first joined the North East Autism Society as a carer, he felt that his whole life until then had been preparing him for the role. James’s three uncles had muscular dystrophy, so from a very young age he would help them around the house. “That sort of caring has always been in my home life, and so it extended to my career path,” he says. Read James' story.

Although he had worked with autistic people in secure units in the North-east, Grainger Simpson had never seen anything like what was on offer at the North East Autism Society when he came for interview 18 years ago. Read Grainger's story.

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