Mum now knows what life is like for her autistic son

Mum Pat Bathgate, tells her story about how NEAS services have been a lifeline to her family after she had to go into hospital for emergency care.Read more

“Wanted – someone to stay and help me”.

These are the words that mum Emma Thomas, witnessed her son Ed (aged 10), draw on a poster as a plea for help.Read more

Short Breaks has given us our marriage back

Parents Victoria and Simon Head explain how their daughter Annabel, aged 10, loves going to Aycliffe Short Breaks and calls it 'Annabel's Hotel'.Read more

Time to recharge our batteries

Mum, Lisa Warren was thrilled to find out respite didn’t need to end when her daughter, Stephanie transitioned into Adult Services and that NEAS could help.Read more

Learning life skills

Mum Mandy didn't know what the future would hold for her daughter Charlotte, who was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. Charlotte now aged 18, is on a work experience programme.Read more

She called me ‘mum’

After many years struggling to find the right help and environment for Alicia, her life began to transform when she started at Thornhill Park School and moved into a residential home for children.Read more

Moving on to college

Lauren Stephens, aged 20 from Stanley has achieved so much during her time at NEAS. She has gained GCSE results and is now studying Hospitality and Catering.Read more

Mum is overjoyed

Knowing residential care was the best option for her nine-year-old son was a hard move for mum Kathleen. But it was a move that paid off in seeing Liam reach a fulfilling life.Read more

Moving into adulthood

Toby Wyatt (aged 19) has been with NEAS since 2007 when he was just 11 years old. His mother Jean explains about the progress he has made.Read more

Gaining confidence

Emma Smith started her programme at Thornbeck College in September 2013. She is currently on a supported work placement at a Toddler Group in Aycliffe.Read more

We're a family again

John Hodgson and his wife Julie struggled to get the right service provision for their son Connor. They talk about the difference an autism environment has had on their son.Read more