On average, autistic people have poor physical and mental health compared to the general population and a lower life expectancy.

That’s why it’s vital to improve autistic people’s access to healthcare – and to ensure it is tailored to their needs.

Here are 10 key facts about health outcomes for autistic people:

  1. Autistic people die on average 16-30 years earlier than the general population.
  2. Eight in 10 autistic adults reported difficulty in visiting a GP, because of barriers such as judging their symptoms, using the telephone, not feeling understood and the waiting room environment.
  3. Autistic people are twice as likely to need emergency care and three times as likely to require inpatient admission.
  4. Between 15 and 40% of people with epilepsy are autistic. It is the leading cause of early death for autistic people with a learning disability.
  5. Autistic people are more likely to develop a wide range of conditions including heart disease, diabetes, strokes and autoimmune conditions.
  6. Heart disease and suicide are the two leading causes of early death in autistic people without a learning disability.
  7. Almost 8 in 10 autistic people experience a mental health problem.
  8. Around 40-50% of autistic people receive a clinical diagnosis of anxiety.
  9. More than six in 10 autistic people have considered suicide and more than three in 10 autistic adults have attempted suicide.
  10. Around 23% of people with an eating disorder are autistic.

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