Thornhill Park School Holidays
Thornhill Park School 2019-20 holidays

Safer Internet Day 2020

Pupils participated in Safer Internet Day, focusing on the theme 'Together for a Better Internet', developing their awareness of remaining safe online. Pupils created cut-up poems (or 'decoupe' in French!) on the subject of internet safety, imitating the style of poets and lyricists such as David Bowie and Thom Yorke from Radiohead. 

Other pupils used their Persuasive Writing skills to write a letter to a fictional friend in which they encouraged them to be more careful when sharing personal information on the World Wide Web.

The Green Plan It Challenge

As part of RHS ‘The Green Plan It’ project this week a group of staff and pupils took their 3D design model and presentation to the Winter Gardens and presented their ideas to a panel of judges.


The concept of our project was ‘The Me Garden’ for our new school which was based around the ‘Zones of regulation’ strategy that we use across the school.


The group first decided on their team name which was ‘The Groovy Gardeners’ and then named the garden project ‘The Me Garden.’

It was split into 4 zones reflecting how our students are feeling.

  • Happy or Calm
  • Tired or Sad
  • Anxious or Silly
  • Angry of Mad


Judges were very impressed with our ideas and we won the competition, collecting the overall winner trophy for our ‘Me Garden’ ideas. Pupils and staff alike enjoyed the day and were very proud to be announced as the winners.

Children in Need 2019

We have had a spotacular week here at Thornhill Park raising money for Children in Need. Pupils, staff and parents have all been involved in a huge range of spotty activities to help our friend Pudsey out.

  • Buying Pudsey cupcakes from Kustom cupcakes
  • Taking part in a raffle for a giant Pudsey cake (CW winner)
  • Learning all about the charity Children in Need and what it does
  • Dressing up in all varieties of yellow and spots
  • Decorating Pudsey using various art materials
  • Playing name the bear (Bear was won by PP who named him “Bubbles”)
  • Playing guess the number of sweets in the jar (Sweets were won by JB whose guess was just 1 sweet out from the actual number)
  • Taking part in a chocolate tombola

Everyone joined in with fantastic spirits and raised an incredible £100 for BBC Children in Need finishing the week by all taking part in the Children in Need games room.

Thornhill Park School Christmas pop up stall

Christmas Crafts Stall

Thornhill Park School pupils visited the NEAS Head Office near Chester-le-Street on Monday, November 11 to promote our social enterprise of handmade craft items.

These perfect stocking-stuffers went on sale in plenty of time for the Christmas rush, and to showcase our upcoming fantastic Christmas fete.

The pupils' stall brought Christmas cheer to the whole office, and they had a wonderful time too.

We will be back at Head Office on Thursday, November 21 from 10am to 12 noon with a range of products for sale, including cheese boards, bauble wreaths, light-up bottles, and Christmas decorations, plus even more crafts at great prices.

We are also holding our school Christmas Fete on Saturday, November 30 from 10am – come along and join in the fun! 

Remembrance Day 2019

Pupils at Thornhill Park have been commemorating Remembrance Day 2019.

They have learned about the meaning of the day, and why we mark this date with poppies.

They've then used their understanding and creative talents to design their own version of a poppy using various materials, and craft paper poppy wreaths for the classrooms, as part of the school's respectful acknowledgement of the day.


Halloween 2019

Staff and students enjoyed a week of preparation for Halloween, ending the week with a spooktacular assembly, fangtastic apple bobbing, and Halloween awards!

Best pre-14 Costume – Isaac Scariest Post-14 costume – Jacob
Best Pre-14 Costume – Isaac

Best Post-14 Costume – Coree

Scariest Post-14 costume – Jacob

Best Pre-14 pumpkin – Vinnie and Lewis
Best Pre-14 Pumpkin – Vinnie and Lewis

Best Post-14 Pumpkin – Kate

Best Cupcake design – Katelyn


Post-14 pupils from Thornhill Park School attended the National Apprenticeship Show at Newcastle Racecourse on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, to develop their ideas about the many apprenticeship opportunities available to young people in the North East.

A great mix of colleges and employers, including the Royal Air Force, the Army, Newcastle College, Marriott Hotels, the North East Ambulance Service and Coca-Cola, attended the event, offering advice and information to pupils, as well as answering their questions. 



There were also plenty of goodies available, including leaflets, pencil sharpeners, mobile phone holders, pens, and lots of sweets!

We want to congratulate all the pupils who attended the event on their conduct and maturity, which was exemplary.