Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Thornhill Park School

I am very proud to be Head teacher of Thornhill Park School which is proven as a school that offers a good quality education to all its learners. In our most recent inspection, Ofsted’s judgement was that we were a “good school”. I believe this is achieved through our learner-centred and personalised approach where the individual student lies at the heart of everything we do. We invest in each learner to enable them to make progress and do all that we can to ensure that every learner fulfils his or her potential and achieves more than they ever thought they could.

I encourage all prospective parents to visit our school and meet the students and staff. I will be very happy to outline our philosophy on education and share with you our ethos and aims of which I very much hope you and your child will want to become a part of. We are an enthusiastic and professional staff team who are all proud of our learners keeping the progress and development of each learner at the centre of our thinking. We believe strongly in creating new and exciting opportunities and making sure that learning is fun, engaging and relevant. Parents understand they are a vital part of our team and are very positive and supportive.

Choosing the right school for your son or daughter can be challenging in many ways. To support you as a family in making a well informed choice, we encourage you to visit the school, enjoy a tour, meet our learners and staff and attend our termly events which are advertised on our website. Thornhill Park School offers maximum opportunities for our children and young people to develop academically and socially in an environment that is appropriately stimulating, bespoke, caring and supportive. The school sets high standards that instil values which enable all learners to develop into confident and responsible young adults.

Christine Cave - BA Ed Hons, Masters Special Ed and Autism, NPQH

Head Teacher

Meet the Team at Thornhill Park School

Pre 14

Laura Welsh


Post 14

Laura Tumilty

Charlotte Wares

Christopher Graham

Lindsey Stevenson


OSC delivery teacher: Michael Parker  

Admissions Process

For the admissions process chart, please click the link below. For more information about admissions you can contact the school or the Head Teacher.

For more information, please contact:

Christine Cave, Head Teacher on:

0191 565 3965 or [email protected]