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Following the updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education a workshop was delivered by a local PSCO to support learners to increase their knowledge and understanding in relation online safety. the workshop covered a range of topics linking to online safety including: 


  • What cyberbullying is
  • The most common places cyberbullying occurs
  • Cyberbullying and how this is a criminal offence
  • How to report cyberbullying and who to report it to

Information sharing

  • Appropriate privacy setting when accessing the internet
  • Differences between information that is private and information that is appropriate and safe to be shared online
  • Risks associated with sharing information online

Sharing pictures (including nudes and semi-nudes)

  • Differences between pictures that are private and those that are appropriate and safe to be shared online
  • Risks associated with nudes and semi nudes online


  • What online grooming is
  • Typical signs of grooming
  • How to report grooming and who to report it to

Participating in the workshop has increased the learner understanding in relation the risks of accessing the internet and how to safeguard themselves.

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