Thornbeck College

Thornbeck College is an Independent Specialist College providing personalised programmes to autistic and neurodivergent individuals

Working together to inspire, support, celebrate and equip autistic and neurodivergent people to fulfil their potential in life.

As part of the annual events calendar Thornbeck celebrated Black History month. The event supported learners to recognise the contribution and achievements of those with African or Caribbean heritage. Also providing opportunities to develop their knowledge about the effects of racism and how to challenge negative stereotypes.

Learners completed a range of activities including:

  • Research in relation to black UK public figures and how they contribute to modern day society
  • Creating a piece of artwork inspired by Alma Thomas
  • Researching African street art
  • Engaging in African dancing activities
  • Making Djembe drums
  • Cooking and consuming a Caribbean themed lunch menu

Participating in the activities has supported learner to celebrate and learn about significant black figures and supported to explore concepts of equality, diversity, kindness, inclusion and respect.

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