NEAS and the Ashburn Charitable Trust have established a strong ongoing relationship to support trampolining activity at our North East Centre for Autism, Newton Aycliffe. The activities currently run every other Saturday with upwards of 20 children benefiting from each session. Additional commitment from Ashburn Trust has meant the activity was carried on during Summer vacation, ensuring continuity for the participating young people.

Our learners get so much reward and happiness out of the sport; especially around raising fitness, self-esteem and the free feeling aspect like flying. It is a highly sensory activity that provides a lot of stimulation and sensory feedback.

Trustees from the Ashburn Charitable Trust have attended sessions to see its effectiveness first-hand;

We know the volunteers work really hard and that the outcomes for the children are excellent, so we are happy to be involved.

I love trampolining because I like the challenge every week of completing the different moves and sequences. I find that trampolining helps me to feel more relaxed; when I feel upset or angry it makes me feel better in myself.

Quote from Volunteer/Learner

This is a great program that not only provides a fantastic, fun facility for children but a superb support network for parents.

Quote from a Parent