NEAS residential services ensure that people’s individual preferences on how they wanted to be cared for and respect for their dignity is fully met.

Support is designed around people’s capabilities as well as their needs. The support includes help with making meals and medication, and prompts with dressing and washing. The support plans focus on supporting people to learn skills towards greater independence. Service users are encouraged to choose how they want their home to look and

Care plans are written in a person centered way so that it describe how the person prefers their care needs to be met. Care plans are detailed and we involve and consult with the service user families and other health and social care professionals in the compiling of the care plan. Care plans include achievements that service users would like work to and staff work with each person to help them achieve their goals and develop their skills. Staff always keep in regular communication with service user’s families so they are always up to date with how the service user is progressing. Service users are encouraged and supported to maintain contact with family and friends and to form new friendships.

My son is involved in choosing his own support. When he suggests something he would like to do, they arrange it with him. It’s very much about supporting them to lead full and active lives.

Quote from Parent

For more information about Supported Living please call:

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