Today we are tackling a huge subject: health!

From diagnoses and how to get one, to a GP’s perspective we’ve got it covered today.

We’re often told by parents and carers of people with autism struggle that they struggle with the areas of health and wellbeing because often people with autism wouldn’t be able to communicate conventionally.

So it’s all the more important then to understand how to read the signs and cues given by our children, young people and adults that let us know that they are well and happy. Or not.

Below is an interview with Dr. Helen Leonard, who is a specialist in Paediatric Neurodisability and is a consultant at the Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle. Dr. Leonard talks to us about autism and the importance of early intervention.

It’s also a great chance to share with you all how excited we are to now be home to a fantastic new sensory room at our Aycliffe site. Click here to read the news article to see how this innovative new space is helping with the health and wellbeing of our young people.

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Autism and Early Intervention

Support with diagnosis

In this section you will find out more information and advice about getting a diagnosis of autism. We know this can be a very worrying time but it’s important to remember you’re not alone, and that we are here to help.

Advice on children's diagnosis

Advice on adult diagnosis

For advice and support please contact:

Kerrie Highcock, Family Development Manager on 0191 410 9974 by email