IT’S thought that almost 70% of adults with autism, regardless of their qualifications will not be in work, so today we discuss autism in the workplace and share some great examples of what’s possible.

Today as part of My Life – at Work we hear from one of our members of staff who is now working with employers to help adults with autism or hidden disabilities find work. A surprising journey, Nathan says he’s learned a lot about what and how autism impacts the lives of people desperate to be employed, but remains confident adults with an autism spectrum condition have a lot to offer the world around them.

It’s also a great week to celebrate achievements made towards employment and training for young people and adults with a disability. Just this week we have proudly launched the About Me Passport which was a joint collaboration with the Department of Work and Pensions, the North East Autism Society and the leading voices in the autism and disability sector.

Designed to make entering the job centre a less frightening prospect the passport could be just the tool your son or daughter needs.

To find out more click here and please do like and share anything you find helpful as it will only serve to help others too.

Michael Crewe, aged 23 from Sunderland talks to us about autism and the need for more employers to understand more about the condition. 

For advice and support about employment please contact:

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