Mackenzie Thorpe Centre

The Mackenzie Thorpe Centre is an independent specialist school based in South Bank, Redcar and Cleveland for pupils aged 5-19

Working together to inspire, support, celebrate and equip autistic and neurodiverse people to fulfil their potential in life.

Housing and support options

In the below links you can find technical information about different kinds of housing, funding and support.

Below are all Housing and Support pages and downloadable resources organised by the date they were added to the web site.

8 ways to get a house

A fact sheet describing the ways to get a house.

Buying to rent to a disabled person

A fact sheet that tells you about buying a place that you let to a disabled person.

Collective ownership

A fact sheet describing how a group of people can own a house together - often for sons and daughters.

Housing and support options

Extra care and sheltered housing

A fact sheet about housing with support - mainly for older people.

Shared Ownership and Help to Buy

This factsheet explains low cost home ownership options

Ownership through a discretionary trust

A fact sheet that describes putting money into a trust - a long-term, secure financial provision for a relative.

Inheritance and gifted property

This fact sheet tells you about ways of leaving money or property to a relative.

Intentional communities

This fact sheet describes schemes set up to house disabled people in a supportive community.

Renting accommodation to relatives

This fact sheet outlines the limitations and possibilities in renting to a relative.

Residential care

This fact sheet tells you about residential care - accommodation and support shared with other people.

Shared ownership and family investment

This fact sheet describes shared ownership - including the option of the family funding a share.

Shared supported housing

This fact sheet describes a kind of housing where people have their own room in a shared house and get staff support.

Succession and tenancy

This fact sheet tells you about a disabled person's right to stay in a property - rented owned - as their family gets older.

Support tenants

This fact sheet explains how people with learning disabilities can be supported by a tenant who lives with them.

Supported living networks

This fact sheet describes how people can live in their own place in an ordinary area and be part of a support network.

Shared Lives and supported lodgings

This fact sheet describes two ways that someone with a learning disability can live in someone else's family home.

Investing in Ordinary Lives

This is the home page for the Investing in Ordinary Lives project

Housing and support options

Homeownership Service for disabled people and their families

My Home Ownership Service for disabled people and their families

Housing and support options

Home Identification Form

What I want and need my home to be like

Housing and support options

Process Checklist for Shared Ownership and Tenancy

Useful checklist for planning shared ownership

Housing and support options

Housing - Needs and Availability