FREE six-week course for families

This course has been written in connection with parents, carers and other family members who have autistic people in their lives.

This course is based on the ethos that autistic people and their families are the experts, with the aim of using this course as a forum to share feelings, ideas and practical skills amongst those that know best. We have also consulted with those who have autism, to make sure that their needs, feelings and difficulties are being represented.

We do not want this course to be a textbook look into autism, but a fluid, up to date syllabus, that places emphasis on the uniqueness of the people that it’s all about.

The course is aimed at all family members, and will be differentiated depending on individual need.

Our Key Aims

To provide you with:

  • a support network, where you, are able to discuss feelings and share ideas
  • time and space to reflect, in a safe none judgemental environment
  • knowledge to feel empowered
  • the facts about rights, entitlements and the law
  • a tool kit of strategies, which you may be able to use within their daily life
  • real life experiences from those who know best

Sessions include:

  • introduction to autism
  • living with autism
  • sensory differences
  • communication differences
  • emotional wellbeing
  • navigating the system

To be added to our waiting list contact:

Kerrie Highjack, Family Development Manager

By telephone: 0191 410 9974 / 07825 585 313