Family Development

Made possible from a wealth of experience gathered over four decades serving the North-east we’ve created a Family Resources website just for you.

Brought together by our Family Development team, members of our Neurodiversity think tank and from families sending us their tips and advice we’ve put together a bank of free resources to help you, as part of our valued community, to navigate the day-to-day challenges of life.

Our family support groups offer a safe environment, which provides an opportunity to connect, learn and understand.

Our groups act as hub for solution focused thinking and positivity. Partnership and peer-to-peer support is central to what we do.


  • We aim to create a supportive network where family members can gain information and support from both the group facilitators and other family members.
  • We build upon opportunities for families to develop support networks outside the group in order to reduce social isolation.
  • We provide the opportunity for learning by facilitating links with key organisations

Our family support groups are planned with the needs of families in mind. We have a schedule of partners that we work will visit the groups and share vital information. 

There is no pressure to get involved if people just want to come along and have a cuppa and listen or contribute directly to a session that’s fine.

What our parents say:

The support group is something I really look forward top, it gives me a chance to be around people that understand my situation and I don’t feel judged

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our family support groups are suspended. 

Contact us for more information about joining. 

Email the team.