The Baily Thomas Charitable fund kindly provided funding towards the employment of a Family Support Coordinator to deliver support at our North East Centre for Autism, Newton Aycliffe. This has enabled the Society to bring the facility into full use, enhancing the experience of current service users and increasing the reach and variety of community work we do for those affected by Autism.

It greatly supports our strategy of early intervention, undertaking community activity to best support families affected by Autism. Through this programme we have been able to offer advice and training to parents around ways in which to best support their child’s needs. It has also allowed us to provide Autism specific early years provision, toddler groups, out of school activity, youth groups and parent networking opportunities.

All families who have received Family Support services have described the huge benefit they felt from attending and have urged the Society to continue to extend the services available. We currently support 66 families through the programme, with capacity to easily double this provision based on consultation of need.