All service users have a health action plan which outlines the individual’s health needs and addresses actions for improving their health. Staff encourage healthy eating and regular exercise within the home including access to our onsite private gym. Service users are encouraged to choose healthy meal options and to learn about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Staff regularly encourage activities such as swimming, walking, sporting activities, accessing the local leisure centre. Staff are in regular contact with Health and Social Care professionals to ensure the health of our Service Users is proactively monitored.

All staff are trained to help people manage their behaviour if they become anxious or upset. NEAS use a Positive Behaviour Support model to support people in a safe, non-physical way. All staff follow PBS plans to ensure they understand how to support people in the least restrictive way and encourage self-management of anxiety.

All staff undertake training in Mental Capacity awareness and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards to understand the importance of promoting independence, choice and to ensure people’s wants and needs are fully met.

Staff are well trained and experienced in care, communication is very good and they really understand my family member and tell me how they have been and what they have been doing. Staff are efficient and caring in taking my family member for doctor’s and dentist appointments and ensure their health needs are supported.

Quote from Family Member

For more information about Adult Residential Care please call:

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