The service encourages an open-door policy where suggestions for improvements are encouraged for all staff members. The management team is approachable and welcomes the views of staff and service users and is always willing to implement changes for the improvement of the service when suggested.

Quality assurance systems are in place to monitor the performance of service delivery and feedback is provided to Senior Management and Trustees. Each aspect of the home is monitored including; care planning, health plans, health and safety aspects etc. This ensures that each home is providing a safe and quality person-centered service to the individuals.

Regular questionnaires and surveys are distributed to both relatives and service users (where appropriate) to gauge opinions around the service delivery and how to improve our services. Survey results are disseminated to each staff member and Senior Management and Trustees and acted upon to ensure the best care is provided. Our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and local authority commissioning officers to ensure they meet the standards for good care, support and health and safety. We carry out internal audits, quality checks and peer supervision which promotes the sharing of good practice across the service.

For more information about Family Support contact:

Peter Mountain on 0191 410 9974 or email