My Life: at work

With nearly 70% of adults with autism out of work it’s time to look at how we can break this cycle. Let’s look at My Life - At WorkRead more

My Life: healthy and whole

Getting a diagnosis of autism is rarely the first step, there’s a whole journey of health before and after. Today it’s My Life: Healthy and WholeRead more

My Life: is fun!

Who says people with autism can’t have a happy, fulfilled life, full of fun? We certainly don’t. Let’s look today at My Life – is Fun!Read more

My Life: day to day

Shopping, choosing a meal, family day trips… how do these ‘day to day’ activities affect people with autism. Join us for My Life – Day to DayRead more

My Life: out and about

Travelling is a joy for many but for children, young people and adults with autism it can be a source of anxiety. Today it’s My Life – Out and About.Read more

My Life: school/college

Getting there, staying there and finding the right place for your youngsters or adult children with autism, today it’s My Life – at School or College.Read more

My Life: at home

From bedtime routines to family dynamics, living at home or even in care, today we hear from families and their lives ‘at home’ with autism.Read more