Jillian Crumbie, Trustee

Hello, I live in Durham. I studied at New College Durham acquiring a HND in Business and a Hon's Degree in Social Work. At present I am a full time carer for my son who has autism. I have three children and my middle son has attended the school, college and New Warlands Farm since 2003 as a day pupil. Even though I am always juggling my time I found I have gained a great deal by joining the organisation in 2005 as a Trustee of the Society.

I believe it is important that the views of parents should be heard. Still to this day I feel privileged that I am part of such a fantastic organisation that is known throughout for its first class care. It has been wonderful to see at first hand how with the Society’s support our children, young people and adults have a wonderful future being in such caring and importantly enabling environment and how the Society continues to expand.